Help Marshallton Conservation Trust (“MCT”) and FOMT 
                            Save the Woodward House

July, 2018 


One of the oldest stone houses in Marshallton, built around 1735, is for sale and
could be threatened by development. The Marshallton Conservation Trust (“MCT”)
and the Friends of Martin’s Tavern (“FOMT”) are collaborating in an effort to save
this historically significant property by exploring ways that will lead to its
protection and restoration.

At this point, our path to this objective is not clear. Nevertheless, we feel that it is
critically important to inform all of you of the historic significance of this house and
property before it is lost forever.

The property is located at 1371 W. Strasburg Road, immediately next to the
Humphry Marshall House. Referred to locally as the “Woodward House”, it is
referenced several times in a recently published report from the Chester County
Commission on the Brandywine Battlefield Preservation Plan, as the “William
England Property”. This is a little odd because in 1723 Richard Woodward
purchased 1000 acres of land on which both the property resides as well as all the
land in which the village of Marshallton would later be established.

Woodward built the house and barn. It was the first fieldstone structure
constructed in the area and was built by local stonemasons, probably including the
young Humphry Marshall. More recently, the stone was covered by stucco and
during this time it was used to house a landscaping and nursery business. To the
layman, it is impossible to tell by examining the exterior the importance of what lies
beneath the surface.

Marshallton’s quality of life and sense of place are largely derived from historic
structures like the Woodward House. It helps us understand and appreciate a
critical and formative time in our nation’s history. Structures like this inform us of
our cultural heritage and connect today’s residents with the past. Preserving it is
essential if we are to maintain that connection to the past for future generations.

We hope that you will support MCT and FOMT in our efforts to preserve the
Woodward House for the benefit of current and future generations. We encourage
you to share this information with your friends and neighbors. If you have any
thoughts or ideas on saving this property from development please feel free to reach out to us.  

Friends of Martin's Tavern  (FOMT)

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