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Humphry Marshall's 300th Birthday Celebration, October 8, 2022


Friends of Martin's Tavern held the 300th Celebration of Humphry Marshall's Birthday on October 8, 2022.   Humphry Marshall (1722-1801), a Quaker botanists from Marshallton, Chester County, Pa., helped shape American botanical practice during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

His most enduring work, Arbustrum Americanum, was published two years after the Peace of Paris had formalized American independence.  It is recognized as the first botanical book written by an American about American plants and produced in America.


It was a day full of activities!   Those who attended enjoyed:

  • Township Official's dedication of Martin's Tavern/Humphry Marshall Historical Park.

  • Malcolm Johnstone's, Sr. Program Director of the Cultural Alliance of Chester County,  portrayal of Humphrey Marshall, which provided first person insights into his life and varied interests. 

  • Joel Fry's, Curator of Bartrams' Gardens, overview of Humphry Marshall's impact on botany.

  • Adrian Martinez's explanation on how Quakerism influenced Humphry Marshall and

  • Jack Hine's, Supervisor of West Bradford Township, overview of Marshall's relevance today and legacy.

There were colonial cooking/tastings throughout the day.  Beer being made.  Food cooked over the fire.   Terrific Period music was performed by Charlie Zahm and Friends.   


As a fitting tribute, interested attendees were able to plant a tree's seed to honor the 300th anniversary of the birth of Humphry Marshall.  Their seed was planted into a cell and was taken to a greenhouse for protection.  Once ready, they will be contacted to plant their tree in West Bradford Township!   

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The Humphry Marshall 300 Task Force was formed to educate and promote the life and achievements of Humphry Marshall to the general public.

Check out the Task Force’s accomplishments
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The Humphry Marshall house is located in Marshallton, PA
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