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Heritage Center
Completed in October, 2018, the Marshallton Village Heritage Center is a window into the history of Marshallton, the Battle of Brandywine and also serves as the information center and kiosk for the surrounding area.  Through static and interactive audio and video, see the Marshalltown landscape transformed from Native American hunting grounds to the most intact 18th century Chester County Village today.  

Learn about the Battle of the Brandywine and how the largest battle of the Revolution came right to Marshallton's doorstep.  Finally, for the wayfarer looking for a bed and breakfast restaurant, place to hike or more - our interactive information center can provide all of the information to get you there.  The Heritage Center is located between the Marshallton Inn and Four Dogs Tavern.  

Click Here to view the advertisers that help fund the continuing costs of the kiosk.  It is operated by the Friends of Martin's Tavern.  
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