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Annual Events


Along with maintaining local historical treasures, FOMT is also dedicated to the enhancement of the village life of Marshallton.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Tree Lighting - Annual Village event with refreshments, music, Santa Claus, and fireplace aglow.

Memorial Day Parade

The annual Memorial Day Parade through Marshallton to honor Village sons and daughters who have served.

Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk: In partnership with establishments in Marshallton and West Bradford Township, FOMT participates in a walk through the village in October that includes food, music, activities and FUN!!

Ice Cream Social

With FOMT’s commitment to the “enhancement of village life,” an Ice Cream Social is often held in June.

Village Shop

Village Shop - Home accessories, garden supplies, unique gifts.  Cash, credit cards, Pay Pal. The Village Shop is now open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 PM through December.

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