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Over the years, the Martin's Tavern site has served as a focal point for many village activities, and the organization has also become caretakers of the Marshallton Blacksmith Shop, a nearby historic building which was built in 1750 and remains essentially unchanged from its original condition.


Other than the original purpose of identifying and maintaining our local historical treasures, FOMT is dedicated to the enhancement of the village life of Marshallton, and our financial goal is to provide and maintain an endowment sufficient to assure long term preservation and maintenance of these local historical treasures.


how it all began

Friends of Martin's Tavern (FOMT) was formed in 2003 by Marshallton residents Linda Kaat and Bob Lyng.  Linda lived next door to an unoccupied four story apartment building which had become dangerous and was a serious eyesore.  In talking to Tom McGuire, a local history professor and historian, it was learned that the lower portion of the building was originally a lively Revolutionary War tavern at the time Washington's troops were involved in the nearby Battle of the Brandywine.  The tavern at that time was known as The Centre House or Martins Tavern.  It was active as a tavern for many years, and was later used as a country store, post office, and later expanded to become an apartment house.

Linda and Bob next contacted David Davis, a local resident who had experience setting up non-profit corporations. A village group was formed and a non-profit 501-c-3 Corporation was formed. The new organization succeeded in having the property donated to FOMT and then worked to obtain grants from various organizations to support the dismantlement and restoration of the remains of the original tavern structure. John Milner, a well known local architect, agreed to oversee the restoration and the work was begun.


The FOMT group was then enlarged and took responsibility for the demolition and stone mason crews who completed the work. Penn State Master Gardeners volunteered to plan and install the landscaping to reflect an 18th century garden and a set of informational signs were prepared and installed to provide historical information for people touring the site

Friends of Martin's Tavern  (FOMT)

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