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The Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith, located centrally in Marshallton, is leased and maintained by FOMT.   Fun to peer into the 1700's.

The Blacksmith Shop was a hub of activity for the community and travelers.  You could get horses shod, carriages repaired and painted or new wheels put on your wagon.  The Shop retains its historical integrity and is the most accurate representation of its kind in the county.  Even today, one can see evidence of paint samples on the walls of the second floor along the wrought iron railing which kept the carriages from rolling off the roof where they would be hauled out to dry.  

Visit The Blacksmith Shop to view the donated antiques, estate pieces, home decor items, local art and historic maps  available at the Village Shop.
Our thanks to those who help keep The Blacksmith Shop safe and beautiful. 
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