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Blacksmith Shop History


In the 1700's, as now, the Strasburg Road ran between the farming regions of Lancaster County and the city of Philadelphia. Farmers used this road to drive cattle and sheep, haul produce and provide staples for the city and the mercantile businesses along the way. Persons could stop at settlements along the way for rest and necessary supplies. Marshallton was established in the early 1700's and grew to be a village of trades people, such as a hat maker, butcher, cigar maker, general supplies, blacksmithing and a shop for wagon repairs in order to service the needs of travelers.



The Blacksmith Shop was built in 1750 on Woodward family property and operated continuously through the 1950's. The succession of individuals operating the shop are listed on the wall inside the shop. During most of these years a wagon repair shop was also operating in the second story of the building. When the last working blacksmith left the building in the 1950's most of the tools were left behind and are still displayed today. In addition, relics of the second floor wagon repair shop are still present.

After the 1950's the building deteriorated until Duke and Mary Cann Evans undertook the structural repairs and upgrades necessary to permit its use as a shop, which they opened in 1965 and operated for 35 years. Strong efforts were exerted to return the structure in its original condition and appearance so that the building is much the same as it was in the 1700's.

The building was sold in 2002 and is now leased by FOMT, which is charged to maintain the structure as an historic landmark. This organization uses the building for its meetings and activities, community events and historical tours.

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